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Injection Moulds

Our Injection Moulds are made from high quality materials to provide the top-most quality of the end product. We specialize in insert based moulds for caps and closures. This allows us to use materials that are otherwise expensive and cannot be used in mould making. The end result is high quality products, and moulds with millions of extra shots without compromising the life of the mould. This also allows for faster cycle time which in turn saves you resources. 

Flip Cap

Injection Multi Cavity

Flip Cap Injection Mould made in 4, 8 and 16 cavity. End product used in Shampoo, Cream etc bottles. 

Measuring Jar

Injection Mould

Measuring jar Injection Mould used in various scientific industries. 

Jar and Box

Injection Mould

Moulds made for Jars and Boxes used in scientific industry, household items like tiffin box etc. 

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